A Practice For A Lifetime

Health Safety

Health & Safety

For every human in this world, health and safety are uncompromisable factors. And why not? Few things have to be a priority and we, as a brand, also believe in the same philosophy. At Medicare Hygiene Ltd., every necessary precaution is taken to cut the risk of damage that can cause harm to our people and environment.

Our Take Towards
Health & Safety

Being a team of more than 100 people, the health and safety policy is our top-notch game. Our products are manufactured with gigantic machinery and we have a team of experts to handle them with care. Our vision is to create a clean and healthy environment for our community. We aim towards a society that believes in us as their caretakers. With the same, it is our responsibility to heal them with each possible provision.

Our labs are constructed with all safety considerations. The technicalities have been mastered to ensure that the provisions are not at all compromised. Our staff is trained under experts in the industry. Each member of the house of Medicare knows the value of health and safety and takes all precautions with utter responsibility.

Because for us, action speaks
louder than words

A Practice For A Lifetime

For us, more than just a company policy, health and safety is a practice that stays for a lifetime. Our commitment is to heal people with technology. With every product that we innovate, we upgrade our practice of health and safety as well. Because it is not just a matter of our work but our lives. Practicing health and safety ensures that we are keeping ourselves and our surroundings clean, safe and secure. This would ultimately lead to a better and safer territory to live in.

Steps We Take To Keep Health and Safety in Check

  • Experts leading the production equipment
  • Well-trained Research & Development team
  • Infrastructural Safety
  • Providing our team with PPE
  • Lesser chemical exposure
  • Emergency exit doors
  • 24*7 mighty security
  • Environmental quality check

Positioned as the masters in the market, health and safety is something we always keep in mind while researching and innovating goods for our community. We have created a safe space to work in with a culture where the happiness index of staff equally matters to us. It is our core duty to sustain the practice of health and safety among the people and we ensure the same in the upcoming years.

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