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Evolution Of Gauze

Gauze has created an interesting journey for itself. For instance, the concept of ready-to-use gauze swabs never existed in the market in the first place.

Then how did people used to cover their wounds? The simple answer was manual practice. The bare amount of technology made this practice prominent. People bought gauze clothes in bulk, cut, folded, and wrapped it all by themselves in the hospital. Sounds like too much hassle, right?

The concept of gauze swabs boomed in the early 2000s. It happened to be the most convenient method to treat wounds all around the world. Even patients could use gauze swabs and treat their minor wounds easily. Gauze swabs proved to be effective, eventually, they became the safest practice for patients as well as the wound care industry.

What Does It Take To Produce The Safest Gauze?

We stepped into the market making gauze as the pioneer of Medicare. In our early phase, we conducted various awareness programs to stop the practice of handmade gauze cloth. This practice was never safe since bacteria could spread through the hands. The bulk gauze clothes are not sterilised beforehand increasing the probability of further infections. It was necessary to make people aware of the importance of well-produced and sterilised gauze.

On top of that, we have forever made sure that our products are manufactured in a clean, hygienic environment with strict expert guidance. Starting with only gauze swabs in 1994 till now, we have come a long way. We are committed to finding our people’s problems and creating a solution so they never have to face them again.

It’s Beyond Than Just A Piece Of Dressing

The market is filled with brands producing gauze, then why would one choose us over them? Because we don’t just sell gauze, we build trust.

Holding a legacy of more than three decades, we offer sheer expertise, unbounded trust, superior quality and proficiency in turning your wound painless. We are the leaders of the gauze industry and more than a successful brand, it is our customer’s loyalty and trust that keeps us motivated throughout this journey.

Our vision is a never-ending evolution of gauze and that is exactly what we are aiming for in the upcoming future. So far we have largely expanded our product range to:

Gauze Swabs

Gauze is a piece of square dressing, primarily used during the surgery for cleansing & protecting low exudate wounds, abrasions, lacerations & minor scratches. It is also used to absorb blood & other oozing. Available in Gamma, EO & Unsterile form.

Medimop (lapsponge)

A product that assists medical professionals to perform abdominal surgeries with ease & better visibility as it keeps the surgical sites free from bodily fluids. It comes with an X-ray detectable line which helps in preventing obliteration during the surgical stitching when closing a wound.

Paraffin Gauze Dressings

A type of gauze dressings that are specially impregnated with paraffin jelly, used as a first layer of protection on the skin for burns, ulcers, skin grafting donor side & minor wounds. Helps in soothing wounds facilitating quicker healing process.

Chlorhexidine Gauze Dressings

An antimicrobial gauze dressing infused along with paraffin, containing 0.5% chlorhexidine resulting in anti-septic effect & acts against bacteria. It is used for burns, ulcers, skin grafting donor side & minor wounds.

Our products conform to the BS EN 14079:2003 standards and are clinically safe to use. Our gauze is highly absorbent, made from 100% pure cotton, and ensures that your wound heals correctly. Because taking care of your wounds is our foremost responsibility.

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