The Journey
of 3 decades

Medicare Hygiene Ltd. has been creating its grandeur in the industry for 30 Excellent Years. Throughout this journey, we kept our customers the top priority because their safety is what we always look up to. This journey has witnessed a constant wave of highs and lows and we are glad for every bit of it. Come, let’s go back in time and witness the commitment and hard work of 30 years, together!



With passion in our hearts and ambitions in our minds, we laid the foundation of Medicare Hygiene Ltd. in 1994. More than a startup, it was the beginning of a revolution in the wound care industry. With a limited staff and minimal on-hand resources, we stepped into the market with sheer confidence because within, we all knew what we were about to bring.


First Export Consignment

Soaking in the ups and downs of more than six years, in 2002, we secured our very first export consignment. This deal came as an opportunity for us to step into the global market and create our footprints worldwide. But before that, our foremost aim was to heal people and provide them with care and the safest products.


Installation of fully Automatic Gauze Machines

Innovation is one of our major mantras. Our focus is to create products that make people’s lives easier. With robust in-house technology, we could manufacture our products faster, in larger quantities and most importantly, without compromising on quality.


Started Exporting goods to African countries and the Middle east

After completing more than 15 magnificent years in the industry, it was now time for us to expand our business and target international growth. We wanted to reach the unreached and help the underprivileged all over the world. Along with some wealthy countries, we also covered cities where civilians did not know about the concept of plasters. We did our part to make them aware and initiated a step towards the betterment of society.


Major breakthrough in the domestic market and became a market leader in Gauze swabs

2016 was a year of success. A reward for all the hard work of past years and an identity for all the years to come. This was our great grand breakthrough. Medicare was not just a brand by now, we were the leaders in the industry. Leading a widely used product, we now increased the production and export of Gauze Swabs and focused more on R&D to keep upgrading our product.


ISO 13485 Certificate from an EU Notified Body named DNV- GL

Being one of the leading pharma manufacturers, it becomes our responsibility to make sure that the end consumer doesn’t need to think twice before using our product. To label the same and assure our customers of 101%, we secured the ISO 13485 Certification from an accredited registrar DNV-GL, which means our QMS (Quality Management System) met all the necessary safety requirements and is provenly safe to use.


Spearheading a team of 150+ salespeople in the Indian subcontinent, became a leader in the gauze product segment

Do you remember we mentioned above that we started with minimal staff and resources? Well, here we are, with a proficient team of 150+ salespeople and a huge staff dedicated to just a single purpose - creating products to make people’s lives easier, safer and healthier. Along with this brilliant milestone, we are now leading the whole Gauze Segment in the market, making sure that we cater the best to all at every step we make.


Among the very first companies to apply for a CE Certificate as per EU MDR 2017

Not just humans but protecting the environment is our core duty as well. In 2021, we became one of the foremost companies to apply for a CE certification by EU MDR. The CE certification identifies that the product meets all the requirements regarding safety, health and environmental well-being. Yet again an initiation towards a better and secure society.


Launched a new product range: Post Operative Dressings (Made in India)

It has been a journey of 30 long years and guess what? We are yet to explore, innovate and execute so much more. One of our major discoveries of this year was to launch an entirely new range of Post Operative Dressing Products. Invented in our own motherland, it is a product to make the journey of patients less painful and more healing.


CE Certificate for MD Class IIa and IIb product category as per 2017/745 from EU MDR notified body.

Got the CE Certificate for Gauze Swab (With and Without X-Ray Detectable Thread), X-Ray Detectable Abdominal Pad, and Paraffin Gauze Dressing. CE Certification is a significant achievement for us which is a globally recognized standard for the safety and quality of a product. CE is not just a logo of quality assurance, the CE logo on the product gives the assurance of unparalleled safety, protection to the users, unprecedented service assurance & confidence while treating patients. The achievement has set a benchmark for the Indian Industrial Revolution

Here’s to the glorious journey of 30 long years!

We never stopped even after the graph went south and we are never going to stop when the graph goes north. We are here to create a safe and healthy ecosystem for everyone in the industry and so far we have succeeded. If you still don’t believe that all this was not less than a revolution, let’s just go through the journey once again!

Bridging the gap to produce
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From Medica to Medicare over the years

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