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Wound care products since 30 years

Having 30+ distinctive product ranges

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Over the last three decades, we’ve built the most widespread, integrated network of dealers,
distributors & partners worldwide across all our product ranges.

With greater experience, we have always believed in producing best-in-class quality products that medical
professionals can rely upon. Today, we pride ourselves on being a leading manufacturer and exporter of wound care products.

Discover Medica

Gauze Range

Pioneers in manufacturing of Gauze Swabs.

Advanced Wound care

Introducing an all new product range that enables quicker healing.

Orthopaedic Products

Featuring an integral role in our core product line-up.

Medical Tapes

Find out our product range of Secondary Dressings.

Infection Prevention

Safety of medical professionals is what we strive for.

Market Leader
in Gauze Swabs

Having Gauze Swab as our first & foremost product, we have mastered the art of manufacturing & producing over 1 million pieces of Gauze Swabs per day.

The portfolio includes Gauze Swabs, Lap Sponges, Paraffin Gauze Dressings, Chlorhexidine Gauze Dressings & Absorbent Cotton Ribbon Gauze.

We got our CE Certificate for MD Class IIa and IIb product category as per 2017/745 from EU MDR notified body.

Reinventing Wound care for Patients, Doctors & Partners

As we stand by our vision, we believe in continuous progress in enhancing health & healthcare. Completed one more milestone by introducing an advanced wound care product family featuring Transparent Film Dressings, Non-woven Dressings & IV Dressings. Made with International Quality Standards & clinically proven, the advanced wound care product family protects you & your family from unfathomable wounds.

Transparent Film Dressing with Non-Adherent Pad

Non-woven Adhesive Dressing with Non-Adherent Pad

IV Securement Dressings

State of the Art Infrastructure

  • Sterility testing
  • Stability studies (As per ICH guidelines)
  • Bioburden estimation
  • Validation of various Mfg. process
  • Calibrations of various measuring instruments
  • Class 10,000 and Class 100,000 clean rooms

Export in more than 30+ Countries

Middle East | African Countries| Nepal | Srilanka | Bangladesh | Australia | New zealand | Fiji | Panama | TNG

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