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An Introduction to the World of Advanced Wound Care Management

You must have heard the anecdotes of ancient vaidyas who used to treat wounds with traditional methods. Most of the ingredients were honey, cotton, forest leaves, etc due to their antiseptic and relieving properties. We all have to agree that these methods worked during that period, that too quite well.

The time has changed and so are the practices. Wound care management has evolved dramatically throughout these years and now we have dressings made with high technology and innumerable benefits. Curated with a vision of bringing head-to-toe healing solutions to people, these wound care dressings make sure that your wound heals like it was never there before.

Significance of Wound Care Management

Why is wound care important?
Why shall I choose an expensive therapy when I can heal through traditional therapies?
What if I get side effects from various dressing applications?
And the list goes on.

These are some questions that we are 100% sure of coming to your mind after hearing about advanced wound care.

Don’t worry, we are here with the answers.

Basic Wound Care Management

  • Wounds are treatable at home
  • Does not require an expert eye
  • Wounds are minor cuts, abrasions, etc
  • The wound does not demand constant monitoring
  • Dressings include Gauze, cotton, etc
  • Dressings are easily available in pharmacies

Advanced Wound Care Management

  • Wounds are non-treatable at home
  • Requires expert guidance
  • Wounds are surgical, ulcers, post-operative wounds, etc
  • The wound needs constant monitoring
  • Dressings include IV Dressings, Transparent Dressings, etc
  • Dressings are not easily available in pharmacies

Can you see the huge difference between the above cases?

Wounds with higher risk demand expert guidance and advanced wound care management. They are not treatable with traditional methods and can lead to severe infections if not treated on time.

We often tend to overlook the importance of expert guidance and try to DIY everything. But that is not the solution all the time. We need to look deeper into the problem and understand the importance of its solution. If you are suffering from any deep or long-held untreated wound, it is high time that you move your steps towards advanced wound care healing.

Heal Better With Medicare

Medicare is a celebrated brand in the wound care industry. We have been the leading manufacturer of Gauze and Post Operative Dressings in the market for three long decades. Since 1994, our only aim has been to make healing quicker, easier and painless. In this highly competitive market, our brand stands out on these three strong pillars:


Stellar Quality

The star of our product is its superior quality. We ensure that from bringing raw materials into the factory to sending the final product to the market, the quality of the product remains uncompromised.

Made in India

What could be better than producing goods in our own country, for our own people? We take pride in being a part of the Make in India Movement and to provide employment to our nation’s talent.


What is the point of being a leading manufacturer if we can’t be the solution to your problem? We are committed to solving every problem of our people and making their journey of healing hindrance free.

Our Advanced Wound Care range

Blending these three traits, we bring our stunning Advanced Wound Care range. Created while keeping in mind all the unsolved troubles, this range is an absolute boon to the wound care industry.

Medicare’s Advanced Wound Care has been created to make your healing process smoother and faster.

Transparent Film Dressings

IV Dressings

Non-woven Dressings with Non-Adherent Pad

Our products consist of the optimum amount of technology that is needed to heal your wound. At every step of producing these products, we have made sure that you would not need to think twice before using them. Because our clients are our priority and solving their troubles is our responsibility.

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